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    I felt like i have to write something here, dunno why and where to start.
    Just want you guys know that i didn't quit over some stupid loot (i would have been there if i was expecting loot).
    Some of you(weird?) know that i was pvping for a long time(last month was all hardcore) to reach High Warlord. This was a long quest for me and very annoying sometimes , i think i succeeded well tho reaching Warlord(rank 13).
    By the way i tried to keep up with Molten Core and Onyxia runs, and other stuff that i could make. But obviously this quest ment nothing to many of the "veterans" , mostly and sadly False.

    All i wanted was to come 10 mins late to MC, because i had wasted a good 3 times in an AV-which was about to end in 10 mins- but i was turned down by Gm,that its not fair to the other ppl that wants to join. Not to mention , i told both fizzy and false about i could come to MC bit late a week ago.I had no response , and i was hoping that i got understood.
    But i faced the sad truth that noone actually cares about me.

    I almost came to all MC runs(i think i got 95% of them) didnt even go afk when fight going on, tried my best all the time . I can count 10 players who, quits early , comes late , doesnt join when guild need their help etc.
    I told our gm several times that every hour is important for me , when i am going for high warlord.But i got "LOL" everytime, which became annoying after a while. Runs are usually at prime time of BG's.(I can explain how efficiently you can get more honor at those times if you wonder).


    Loot issues were also a problem from the beginning
    AT first , we randomed(which was ok since we were a new guild in MC and could barely kill a boss)
    Then started to get items 1 by 1, which was fair, but then item quality(which is relative from person to person) new players(yes we had many many diff. rolling/winning players).
    I ended up with 3 epix , in so many runs. I don't even want to bother you with stupid item delivery system and examples of it(i have lots of examples if you want).

    Imaginary point system sux, and you all know about it.

    Different guilds were helping us in MC at the beginning, because we barely had 35 players online.
    Brutal Deluxe / Brains ... Many members of these guilds became one of us, there was no obligation with loots(which is fair). Then some of those players left their guild , then this leaded to a merge.

    I don't know much about the agreements of the merge , all i know is the core members of Brains became "Veterans". I have nothing to say who liked/ and felt like a veteran, or the ones already playing with us(like moomoo). But many names that i dont know came on top of veterans dedicated players out of nowhere!
    I must admit, brains core group pretty much owned veterans .
    That "Octopus" voting on forums about the tabard is a sign of this.
    The chatboxes of veterans buried in silence, and our guild chat became Brains gchat.Thats np, that brains crew was dominant , and i resspected :=)
    I have no personal problem with anyone. Thats just a frigging game.Most of you play thousands of km's away, why care.

    I could have left moths ago , but suddenly i felt myself connected to guild , and i had been emotional with my decisions.

    I know that this is a long post, and i never planned to do it so. So sorry about it.

    To Gm :
    I know there are many more mages who wants to go MC with vets.
    No you can't wait me for 20 mins. No i can't get items i want because i already have best loot per run.
    Let me tell you something, 30 runs -3 epix for such an active member is bull****. Everyone would laugh with their asses if you tell its fair.
    ANd no , do not look at your stupid notes to count who did how many runs and when , and what item costs(cost? wtf? which points?) how much etc.
    Because i dont care.

    Gratz the ones that could read all :p

    Good Luck & Have Fun ingame-IRL

  2. Afterhourz New Member

    Damn you Zenya ! finally thought vets would get High Warlord, guess not now :)
    Sorry to see you leave :/
    GL and kick the crap out of alliance
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    ok cya
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    First of all let me say, we know you were going for the high pvp-rankings, can't speak for everyone, but a lot of people thought that was awesome.
    It's always sad to see someone leave. So good luck whatever you are gonna do.

    Obviously you do care about the above otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it.
    This is not only directed to Zenya, but to others as well.
    The "ex-brains and veterans" thingie... well... People should get over it. You are now one guild, with one goal. There are people from other guilds, guildless people who joined also. You all chose to be part of Veterans. In good days and bad days, humm, nm that... Anyways.
    Problems are there to be talked about. If you do not agree with something, take it to the boards, express your feelings, your concerns. Don't go spamming GM/officers/guildchat in the heat of the fight, go cool down first, take a breath, go for a smoke or you'll say / do things you will regret later.

    About the tabard. The squid voting, I can understand that people who used to have this tabard liked it and wouldn't mind getting it back. I know of "brains-people" who did not vote on it, I know of "Veterans " people who also voted on it. Hell, many people chose something else. Just look at the numbers. Personaly I love my frostwolf tabard.

    Chatboxes of Veterans... Veterans has just to many channels and stuff, that's why guildchat or other chat just seems empty. People are talking in Ventrillo, in raid, in the "ilovemulder" channel. To be part of all, means you have to join all. And sometimes, it's just quiet, thank god for those moments too ;)
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    Sad to see you go

    (im being serious for once!)
  6. stardust Moderator

    If the issue it truly what you say, then you really should have nothing to complain about. Whilst we ALL realise that you need to PVP all the time in order to get the rank you need, there would simply not have been a slot for you if you arrived late.

    8 Mages signed up for MC. Then you signed up 5 minutes before the run was due to start, making it 9 Mages and the group already made. Chumba sat out because he wasn't well, but there still wasn't a slot at that point. That just saved me from having to be selective with who we took, which I'm glad I didn't have to do. Morph, however, was going to be unavailable until 20 mins after the start time. So we gave you his slot because you COULD be on time.

    As for your attitude towards False - Do you KNOW how many pm's the guy gets? To expect to have your issue dealt with immediately is unrealistic. Yes, we know you wanted the bracers, and you would likely have got them. Just a shame you were so rude about it.

    I'm disappointed that you didn't take a little time out and talk to him or me when things had calmed down a bit, instead of flaming him in pm.
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    I decided do leave before MC, so this has nothing to do with crappy bracers.
    I was hoping for a drop, that could ease my job on way to HW. But i can't be tolarated like other ppl(other ppl are = who makes raid wipe, turns up late, doesnt show up all runs,turns out to be afk all the time, doesnt obey rules,o-guesswhat-we are friends irl-stuff deeply).
    I understand that slots for MC are very valuable, and i dont have a right to judge... And I was disappointed-"!DISAPPOINTED!"- that you can't keep a slot for me for 10-20 mins. Nothing can explain this to me.
    This made me understand that i was hopelessly trying to perform at my best in raids, trying to attend, keep up, do my best by all means.
    Anyways, goodluck with MC, keep the attitude.
  8. Chryssy Guild Member

    In all honesty. Raids start at 18.30, first pull should be 19.00. We all know this, we can plan accordingly.
    If raidleader can keep a spot for you being 10 - 20 mins late (I assume you meant 10 - 20 mins past 19.00 hours, wich means you are actually 40-50 mins running late), he can also keeps a spot for someone who will be 15 - 30 mins late, next week 3 person will be late and will be tolerated too. And the week after we are once again 45 mins behind first pull time still gathering. It used to be that way. I'm glad it isn't anymore. It's frustrating for the people who get their early, and who have to wait 1 hour and a half before the last people show up.
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    sorry to see you go zen D:
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  11. gushterul Member of Mesmerized Guild

    I know Zenya perspective because I had those reasons(and others) too to stop playing my hunter with guild raid.
    But I understand raid perspective too...

    Mobs can be killed -+1 mage. So, is only the GM who can decide if exceptions can be made or not in some cases. In this case I will make one...

    You need to make a difference between experienced players who make things from good reasons and the rest and judge. The rest if you miss them from raid, is not big deal, they don't come in time,afk,leave,non-combat anyway. But if you loose the good ones, sooner or later you will remain with the "noobs".

    @Zenya, just be cool and pause the mc runs and do your "quest". Has no sense to leave guild and people who respect you for this...

    And the tabard...:)) Come on this is childish. I don't use tabard, I like my items how they are. If I need tabard I use frostwolf is cool. People voted the majority, is how they want, let them be.

    Yeh and loot system suck... and who said in another thread will be done last week... too bad did not bet:)
  12. stardust Moderator

    Zenya clearly didn't read my post. She did NOT sign up on time. The raid was FULL when she finally did sign up. There was no slot available. Morph had to go offline for 20 mins thus meaning a slot became available since we now only take people who can make the FULL run start to end. If we were prepared to keep the slot for those 20 mins then it was Morphs.

    I realise that you want to gain PVP rank and I admire your perserverance - however the fact you didn't sign up for the run until after the raid was filled is the problem here. Had you signed up in advance and we had known you intended to come it might have made a difference.

    Saying this, you intended to leave the guild anyway and knew this before attending the run. I don't think I need to make any comment on what I think of that behaviour.

    GL Zenya. I hope you find a guild that suits your "needs".
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    yes, fizzy the intention of her leaving the guild even before the MC run which she was invited over everyone else, and the intention to leave half way through to go and pvp. i understand that she wants high warlord, but if she was just coming on the run to get an epic then leave the run and the guild that is pretty horrible to the other people in MC.
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    My need is sincerity. We talked about this earlier, i have told you and especially false that i would like to join raid on saturday bit late. There is no point discussing it really, i had no intend to leave guild till false told me that you can't wait for me to finish bloody AV in 10 mins. THERE i had to decide. I faced same exact attitude earlier(come here or i leave u from MC raid), yes goddamnit, I was going for High Warlord, and you had nothing to do with it. I want u to memorise that i had to sheep bloody adds in MC several times, i coulndt rank up with small amounts of hps almost every week.
    Zenya -Warlord (Veterans?) thx for not helping once, you were not capable of helping in BG's , you could just "tolarate" abit ffs,i didnt want to be an exeption.(And yes, you can't always be the best example for whole guild)
    Fizzy---> mystical because you are bored remember?I supported your choice several times, encouraged you about it, but we both shared the same opinion that you were not the best example to guild.
    Yes , i already got what i need-peace-, best for me and you, hope you guys success in MC several times.
  15. Zenya New Member

    Kauzo you are horrible yourself. I am sure that I had you on ignore for like a month.Good thing that veterans got forums, because Fizzy wouldnt hear you ingame too. Guess what?
  16. HuGoAGoGo AGoGoGoGoGoGo

    I'd like to play in ab till the last minute before a raid and get my pvp rank up as high as possible just like many people i expect, but i also have enough respect not to keep the other 39 players waiting just so i can get some rep from 10 extra minutes of ab. When we first started i often remember waiting 2 hours plus just to get started because people weren't there on time. 1 rule for all is the way to go.
  17. stardust Moderator

    I wonder how many times it will take to sink in

    You did NOT sign up for MC until the raid was already filled. Due to this you were not allocated a slot. Someone couldn't start on time so you got their slot because you made yourself available.

    That's all.

    To be quite honest, I am quite upset by your attitude, especially considering you keep telling both me and False about how you want to make this guild so good. Starting on time and prioritising players who can make themselves available for the entire run is crucial for the speed of our runs and is a step in the right direction. Funny, but this post doesn't sound like it comes from someone who wants any of those things.
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    zenya :S not gonna make huge moan post, but you had me on ignore because you once asked a question in raid chat, i gave you the answer and you started saying that you wernt talking to me, got extreamly abusive in pm and then you put me on ignore. makes sense. and what about fizzy, i know she gets annoyed at me for asking questions, but dnt no what you mean. guess who?
  20. Nostrels New Member

    Cheer up!

    Come on guys stop bitching, several people have stated ideas on this thread alone to make the guild better, well this doesnt seem to do the trick. i am sure if there are people looking to join the guild who see this they will have second thoughts and i think that only a few people that have posted have done so without the intention to make a stab at sombody else.
    It annoys me how many threads are designed OR abused to to have a moan, the guild message is "read the forums". well its things like this that put me off. I dont want people quoting this saying "Oh i wasnt making a stab" cus i am not trying to take sides, simply trying to get people out of the habbit.

    on another note, I am sorry to see you go zenya, i have had a realy nice time on the occasions i have played with you but i am still not entirely sure why you are leaving, but i wont question it.
    We have a realy good guild, and i commend fizzy, false and everyone else who has brought it to be what it is now, but fall outs like this, with enough of them are what brings a guild right back down again. Incase you havnt noticed we hold a massive ammount of the servers level 60 players, we are a large and capable guild, so you cannot expected to like everyone in it, but would it hurt so much to tolerate people?