WTS cooking 1/75 skill

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by weezel, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. weezel Moderator

    WTS cooking 1/75 skill

    yeah, i tried to grill a pizza. didnt work out well

  2. Karimiri Member

  3. Zaggi Member

    more liek orange! gotta be legendary!
  4. Kalucifer New Member

    You don't grill pizza! Needs to cook from underneath aswell... Still, I'm too forgetful and most of my pizza's look like that.
  5. Disie New Member

    was it tasty =P
  6. DentilZha Guild Member

    Blasphemy! burning holy food!
  7. Toshiko New Member

    is that supposed to be a pizza?!
  8. chrisrichardson Guild Member

    You know how every raid night you'd hear my fire alarm whenever I spoke?

    Yeah, I lived on food that looked like that for a while :D
  9. Kiflichka Guild Member

    Looks delicious... Yummy :D
  10. invalid Guild Member

    Burned Mozzarella isn't that bad once you get used to it.
  11. weezel Moderator

    i still ate it. i scraped all the topping and base out leaving the crust while a new pizza cooked
  12. Wm! New Member

    n1 dude :p
  13. MrLAU AWP h0e

    bet it tasted like a giant cracker/biscuit... geez that must've been dry!
  14. weezel Moderator

    well the middle was fine really. tasted burnt but wasnt dry or anything :p
  15. Wm! New Member

    You actually finished that? /respect ;)
  16. Chryssy Guild Member

    Jeeeeez... :rolleyes:

    Make pizza hot in the oven. When it's ready, you grill it for 2, max 3 minutes!
  17. Dyas New Member

    Looks good to me :D :D
  18. ashw Active Member

    When wow came out, I'd say 50% of my pizzas ended up looking like that.

    Worst bit was my PC was only 3 metres away from the oven...
  19. Auren New Member

    Dont eat burnt food ///

    leads to cancer
  20. Wm! New Member

    So Weezel What was the "well Fed" Bonus?? :p