Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MessiahDK, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. MessiahDK Guild Member

    this looks weird!
  2. MessiahDK Guild Member

    where is the "new posts" button? and what happened to the shoutbox
  3. MessiahDK Guild Member

    found it!

    thought "what's new" was about new stuff features added to the forum
  4. coil Member

    i prefer the old one
  5. stardust Moderator

    this font is acceptable.
  6. Deathrey Guild Member

    What kind of weird lame stuff is that? I want old forum back
  7. stardust Moderator

    select an avatar DR!
  8. weezel Moderator

  9. MessiahDK Guild Member

    i think its a bit messy - the signature and actual post fades to much into eachother
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  10. Jais Guild Member

    I agree.. It's a bit annoying
  11. Guvnor Guild Member

    I like beer.
  12. Eczema Guild Member

    I like your avatar, Guvnor!
    And I like your, I assume, Russian inspired name.

  13. Jais Guild Member

    The next WoW expansion will be "Return of Guvnor"
  14. Fashion Guild Member

    Return of the king (lich,not aragorn)
  15. Guvnor Guild Member

    Woot! :)
  16. Guvnor Guild Member

    Fuck it, I'm bored. Might aswell install this shitty game again.

    Edit: While having Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab-Satellite (Sneijder 2011 Rework) on repeat. One of the very few vocaltrance tunes I like.
    Edit2: Changed to Paul Oakenfold - Tokyo (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix) Proper tune!
  17. weezel Moderator

    i still remember guvnor during 40man naxx, and guvnor raging on ventrilo drunk!