What HF is up to these days...

Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by inph, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. inph Guild Master

    What HF is up to these days...

    Just in case anyone was wondering what he's up to...

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  3. ashw Active Member

    i've got a photoshop plugin that can decode most mosaicing :) will give it a go l8tr
  4. ashw Active Member


    inph0r is inphinity@ * inphinity
    inph0r on @#veterans @#esoteric @#inph @#vets.dod @#vets +#teenchat +#singlesbar +#14/f/cali
  5. inph Guild Master


    enough said really ;)
  6. ashw Active Member

    oh fs, was supposed to be revenge for the thumbs up awp mpeg.
  7. Nick^ New Member

    You have a good taste in caffeine. Dr Pepper: a man's drink.
  8. ashw Active Member

    :p had 'rocket fuel' and a 500g jar of normal coffee in my bag, it was just too hot to drink it.

    it wasn't a particularly hardcore lan, notice the bottle of kid's milk drink above su's head.
  9. boomer New Member

    coil musta left it there......
  10. Nick^ New Member

    That's Frijj strawberry flavour, drinking one right now as it happens. Gets you sick after too much.