well done new members :)

Discussion in 'Community News and Events' started by MrLAU, Sep 2, 2001.

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  1. MrLAU AWP h0e

    well done new members :)

    good to c the 2 plrs that i kinda brought to [VETS] in :)

    well done u2, we r lucky to have u2 :)

    glad to c that the aimbots that i gave them were put into good use :)
  2. HobbEs Agent Hobo

    yeah well we're still waiting for your battery operated aimbot :D

    /me waits by the post box
  3. weezel Moderator

  4. Gnarkill New Member

    oh noes. more of this madness
  5. Relentless Member

  6. Kalurak Guild Member

    You bored or something? Just do something constructive, like burning something / someone.
  7. Gnarkill New Member

    or calling random people (really random)
  8. MrLAU AWP h0e

    lol at my english
  9. HobbEs Agent Hobo

    WTH...this post was made years ago...

    oh hey Lau Kint0r!
  10. Deathrey Guild Member

    I seriously felt like i have to bump this thread.
  11. Whittex Moderator

    are you bored on your ship DR??? Where on the globe you are atm?
  12. Deathrey Guild Member

    O ye i am. Soo bored that i even made a facebook account. Atm we are about 80 miles away from Ningbo, China.
  13. Sza Guild Member

    And you haven't added me, I feel so used
  14. Opaque Guild Member

    in before necro'd again
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