VETS Steam skin

Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by Badgerz, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. Badgerz New Member

    VETS Steam skin


    vets steam skin been pottering with for a few days, enjoy

    download here
  2. Helix New Member

    Nice :)
  3. coil Member

    id dl it if there was a skin of your naked body!!
  4. Badgerz New Member

    there was never a doubt in my mind you wouldnt
  5. amarc Member

    Very nice
  6. nihility New Member

    nice skin, tho I made a slight change to it as i 'm not a big fan of cs ;)


    to get it, just replace \skins\vets\Resource\valve_logo.tga with the one in this zip