Veterans dominate Savage CS

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    Veterans dominate Savage CS

    This bank holiday weekend the lan finals of the Savage CS Cup were played at the AT7 Centre in Coventry.

    The teams which battled through the cup to the semi finals were:

    Veterans [VETS] inphinity, HuGoAGoGo, coil, stardust, StoppA
    Barcodes Bcodes | A_beast, Droneboy, b33p, Big-G, Ex
    Kensai 'the sword saints' unicon.kensai // Donguri, Ishi, Ryuuri, Maraschino, onshuu
    angel-Gamers aG | (who did not show)

    Group stages were played on de_dust2 and the results were:

    Barcodes 12 - 12 Veterans
    unicon.kensai 7 - 17 Veterans
    Barcodes 18 - 6 unicon.kensai

    unicon.kensai finished 3rd, leaving a Cup final on de_aztec between Barcodes and Veterans:

    Veterans 13 - 11 Barcodes

    Making VETS Savage CS Cup Champions. This put Veterans in position to win the Savage GrandSlam having won the league and cup they only needed to win the LAN.

    The SavageLAN9 CS tournament resulted in another final between Veterans and Barcodes on de_inferno (drawn by Ex.)

    Veterans 8 (T) - 4 Barcodes (CT)
    Veterans 5 (CT) - 5 Barcodes (T)

    Demos can be found here
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