v1.12 AddOns hosted on my own webspace

Discussion in 'Archived General Discussion' started by Koalachan, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Macdaddy Member

    where can i get the forum name mod everyone has? cant find it, was pointed to this thread, not here either, is it?
  2. Koalachan Guild Member

    Uploaded again (1.10 addon but still works)
  3. Koalachan Guild Member

    DoTimer v1.2 BETA 8.zip

    Dotimer has 2 new integrated spiffies. A Cooldown monitor (/cd) and a Communication system (/comm) that lets you share timers and cooldowns (like AoE Fears). Walkthroughs available in vetswarlock channel.
  4. proteinboy Guild Member

    Is DoTimer warlock specific or does it work with other class spells as well i.e. Shadow Word: Pain etc?
  5. Koalachan Guild Member

    There is some innate support for some stuff I think, but you can add timers for everything I think manually. Try it.