v1.12 AddOns hosted on my own webspace

Discussion in 'Archived General Discussion' started by Koalachan, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Koalachan Guild Member

  2. Koalachan Guild Member

    [*]AtlasLoot Enhanced v1.18.04.zip
  3. Afterhourz New Member

    pff still not comfortable with scalable Lifetap :)
  4. Koalachan Guild Member

    Scalable Lifetap does 1 thing: it makes you not use too high levels of lifetap to fill out your mana bar. It doesn't help you in any way from getting too low on health in general
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  6. Koalachan Guild Member

  7. Afterhourz New Member

    yes perhaps good thing but I end up using the max lifetap most of time anyway :)
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  9. Koalachan Guild Member

  10. feign New Member

    I had to bin spellalert, it was just a series of error messages whenever any lock life drained near me.
  11. Koalachan Guild Member

    It's totally bugged, I deleted it from my page already indeed.
  12. Koalachan Guild Member

    SpellAlertSCTv11200-1.zip ( a spellalert that hooks into SCT)
    DamageMeters_AL_v5.1.1_11200.zip ( a continued development of DM that has several nice features it seems. We're testing it for now with some people)
  13. Koalachan Guild Member

    TitanAggro v2.9.zip
  14. Koalachan Guild Member

    ChatMats-1.43-11000.zip (You can alt click something in your profession to spew out the materials to chat. Love it)
    PerfectRaid-0.5-Beta.zip (finally updated. No clue what's new :) )
  15. Koalachan Guild Member

    RaidSummon22.TitanRaidSummon22.zip (No more beta. Made modifications again. Hope I didn't break anything)
  16. feign New Member

    Koala, I've seen a screenshot of your's somewhere that I can't find, adn now have decided I need to put some backdrop on my perfect raid to give it easier reading in certain situations.

    Can you share your /praid backdrop settings, please, for ,me to trial as a start-point.
  17. Koalachan Guild Member

    My last screenshots are in this thread: http://veterans.org.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=5232

    This is of the old perfectraid. The new one looks much spiffier. Regardless, I m not sure what you mean with backdrop. This is the entirety of all information saved in perfectraid.lua which doesn't seem to hold much info at all, I just use it as it comes out of the box really:

  18. Koalachan Guild Member

    AtlasLoot Enhanced v1.18.05.zip
    MetaHud11200-6.zip (someone else continuing DHUD, has some nice improvements)
  19. Dalvin New Member

    Such as?
  20. feign New Member

    Dalvin - that's what readme's are for, this is a resource thread, not a spoon-feeding one :p

    Kc - ok, clerly it was someone else's screenshot, as it possible to put a background shading armound the bars, similar to how it an be done on the chat window. I'll play and see if I can get any improvements and post here if / when I do :)