v1.12 AddOns hosted on my own webspace

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  1. Koalachan Guild Member

    v1.12 AddOns hosted on my own webspace

    Your addons may once again need updating after the patch. Some will have broken. I'll leave my v1.11 AddOn folder uploaded for a bit longer but the corresponding thread won't be updated anymore. I'm starting a new thread here with information and a link to AddOns strictly updated for 1.12. Since the servers aren't up for us yet, I haven't personally tested any of this but I decided to grab/throw what updates I could find on stuff I use before the addon sites keel over (which should be any minute now). Expect freakiness. Also remember to turn on Outdated Addons in the Addon screen.

    Hosted v1.12 AddOns

  2. Afterhourz New Member

    are you sure bout the CTraid ?? would NOT use that immediately in 1.12....
    Also remove SCT as blizzard has that feature in options menu
    charactersviewer/ equipcompare will almost surely have errors too as they changed some vital stuff there
  3. Kiwi New Member

    I would, considering the ctmod guys had devs working with them on the new version, and had devs come to their testings etc on test server. Its about as reliable as you can get :)
  4. Afterhourz New Member

    ok just post quick word if you tested Kiwi, cos had some bad stuff happening to my game after patch due to bad mods in the past :)
  5. Koalachan Guild Member

    I ll stop using SCT if I m satisfied with Blizzard's alternative. For the rest is wait and see. I can't do more than offer versions that were written specifically for 1.12. If it bugs out still you know how to disable them.
  6. Koalachan Guild Member

    Can't be bothered to make entire posts for continual updates. Just pay attention to the thread. Uploaded new version: CharactersViewer_11000_Beta2.38_Bundle.zip
  7. Koalachan Guild Member

    Added: BigWigs r8802.zip
  8. Folen New Member

    What is the exact name of the new ct'mod?
  9. Koalachan Guild Member


    AutoProfit3.12.zip (sells grey stuff)
    CharactersViewer_11000_Beta2.43.zip (Dependency: rpgo-CharacterProfiler, hope their updated one plays nice with charview files)
    ScaledLifetap.zip (Warlock addon)
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  11. feign New Member

    ScaledLifetap.zip isn't on the server atm, unless my reading is as bad as my typing...
  12. Koalachan Guild Member

    Okay, uploaded it again. Remember you ned to make a Lifetap macro with the text:
    /script ScaledLifetap_CastLifeTap();

    KLHThreatMeter17.13.zip (Rogue fixes)
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    CTRA 1.541
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    AtlasLoot Enhanced v1.18.03.zip

    Removed: Charviewer, I m returning to the 1.11 non beta version as this new one keeps messing up my tooltips with money info.