TXN|MeGaToN OGC detected

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  1. inph Guild Master


    L 12/29/2001 - 21:01:41: [ANTIOGC] "TXN|MeGaToN<25><70695><CT>" from "" has been detected as cheater

    tail ogcbanned.cfg
    //de_aztec on Sat Dec 29 21:01:41 2001
    //TXN|MeGaToN from
    banid 0.0 70695

    When asked for the screenie of his command menu he claimed he couldnt find it ...

    (TeppuM-rM) //echo $findfile(c:\,*aztec*,0,msg $active $1-)

    (21:21) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Recent\de_aztec0000.lnk
    (21:21) (MEGATOn^) c:\Spel\Counter-Strike\cstrike\de_aztec.wad
    (21:21) (MEGATOn^) c:\Spel\Counter-Strike\cstrike\maps\de_aztec.bsp
    (21:21) (MEGATOn^) c:\Spel\Counter-Strike\cstrike\maps\de_aztec.txt
    (21:21) (MEGATOn^) c:\SIERRA\Half-Life\cstrike\de_aztec.wad
    (21:21) (MEGATOn^) c:\SIERRA\Half-Life\cstrike\maps\de_aztec.bsp
    (21:21) (MEGATOn^) c:\SIERRA\Half-Life\cstrike\maps\de_aztec.txt
    (21:21) (MEGATOn^) c:\SIERRA\Half-Life\cstrike\overviews\de_aztec.txt
    (21:21) (MEGATOn^) c:\SIERRA\Half-Life\cstrike\overviews\de_aztec.bmp

    no de_aztec0000.bmp clearly

    [21:22:43] (tep0r) notice the LINK to the picture
    [21:22:45] (tep0r) but no actual picture

    so the good old mirc *ogc* findfile...

    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\APPLOG\OGC.1.LGC
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\(azs) Start OGC Hook.lnk
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\Rilles grejer\ogchookb612.zip
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\Rilles grejer\ogchookb6121.zip
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\Rilles grejer\ogcpbhack27.zip
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\Rilles grejer\ogchookb50.zip
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\Rilles grejer\ogc.azs.dll
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\Rilles grejer\ogc.azs.exe
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\Rilles grejer\ogchookb6121\ogcinstall.exe
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\Rilles grejer\ogchookb6121\ogc.dll
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Skrivbord\Rilles grejer\ogchookb6121\ogc.exe
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Favoriter\-OGC NETWORK- Cheats for Counter-Strike and more....url
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Recent\ogc.lnk
    (21:25) (MEGATOn^) c:\WINDOWS\Recent\ogchookb612.lnk


    anyone wants to stop by they can say hello in #TXN on Quakenet
  2. Skyler New Member

    gah shame I missed this one :(
  3. TeppuM-rM muppet

    Also, This clan "TXN" aka "Toxin", don't seem to be able to get their own players.. Ever heard of ui.I-E.sca ? They have..

    1L 12/29/2001 - 20:54:06: "TXN|sloth<42><1848482><>" connected, address ""

    So.. I went into #Rent-Bot, common WonID Scanner, and checked his WonID, as he came in the middle of the game after they had dropped a player. It returned this:

    (21:37) (Rent-Bot) Scanning for WonID: (1848482)
    (21:37) (Rent-Bot) 1848482: Ravage^I-E at 19:05:52 on 21/11/2001 (ui Server)
    (21:37) (Rent-Bot) 1848482: -m0o.I-E- at 19:06:52 on 21/11/2001 (ui Server)
    (21:37) (Rent-Bot) 1848482: proZac I I-E at 20:38:33 on 17/12/2001 (ui Server)
    (21:37) (Rent-Bot) 1848482: ui.I-E.sca at 20:02:57 on 20/12/2001 (ui Server)
    (21:37) (Rent-Bot) 1848482: TXN|sloth at 20:52:48 on 29/12/2001 (VETS (Funt))
    (21:37) (Rent-Bot) 1848482: -m0s.Sinth- at 21:09:00 on 29/12/2001 (LR Server)

    So I though, right, i'll DNS his IP on irc: /dns, this comes up with baana12-25.verkkotieto.fi, which is indeed a Finnish hostname.

    I have nothing more to add...
  4. Mixa New Member

    <Sloth|TXN^cs> hey maby we can get away with this
  5. jim[PL] New Member

    [17:24] <I-E> I was a merc for that clan
    [17:24] <I-E> 1 round

    and their isnt any evidence he cheats, so take his name out please.
  6. Nico New Member

    there isnt any evidence who cheats
    and who are you
  7. ashw Active Member

    if they take it out, it's still in your post, and mine :p duh

    anyway, it is published online in several places other than here.
  8. TeppuM-rM muppet

    Note: This post is in no way accusing I-E of cheating, it's merely proving that he's a dirty merc.
  9. Rav0r New Member

    who cares fs :p
  10. Nick^ New Member

    No way I-E cheats. Fuck's sake the guy is coming over from Finland to win top prize of £100 in a LAN. He's excellent, but not a cheat.

  11. Rav0r New Member

    I agree, i doubt he cheats.. I think hes damn good.
  12. inph Guild Master

    I-E is a dirty merc. Didnt say he cheated.