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    pfft gss nick^ - im teh h4x...
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    You know how when your waiting for some automated process to complete and you just sit around randomly reading through websites? Well i came across your forum that way and this post intrigued me ...

    Fin states that his old clan had become a little inactive over recent times .... to that i'd like to say ... "What a slag". The reason we had gone inactive was because fin was our fecking war arranger ... he disappeared off to do his exams and told us he'd be back afterz so we went inactive until his return. Best part is he posted this request here 3 days before he decided to inform us of his departure from MOOF stating that he had lost interest in CS ... i say again "What a slag" :)

    Oh well ...

    Lo Hugo :) Hope u don't mind me posting bollox to your forum ;)

    Visit ours at =)
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    our forum > your forum :p
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    elitism tbh
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    lo goz stop dragging up old posts
    far more exciting to read new ones :)