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  1. stardust Moderator

    oi ! just cos i live with him...
  2. ashw Active Member

    well, the moment you mentioned it it was 'under consideration' but in the [VETS] timescale, 'under consideration' can take up to 6 months, then your trial may last up to 1 year.
  3. Nico New Member

    I only said it was under consideration because it sounded good.

    Finesse is this you?

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  4. Cancer I LIVE IN HULL!

    cant use that screeny as evidence of not being so good, i was playing against him............:D

    /me waits for the sarcasm to roll in
  5. FiNeSSE New Member

    yer 'tis me nico, but I was being a bit of a leper at the time. I had been given the "helpful" advice of tweaking my prediction rates/ratios in the config which was a recipe for a bollocks up with my simian level of computer skills, but anyway you know what they say, "excuses are for wankers" so I wont continue.

    anyway I'll pm inph, but I always feel kind of pervy doing that

    FiNeSSE xx
  6. HobbEs Agent Hobo

    ...MOOF? WTF?
  7. ashw Active Member

    pming inph is kinda pervy, he asks for all sorts, i still haven't got the taste out of my mouth, plus i had burns on my lips from the curry he ate the night before.
  8. FiNeSSE New Member

    yer having just had a game with you fellas, har ahr and rah, I realise that you are in fact quite a bit better than me as you probably saw, so I think I will spare myself the embarassment of a trial.

    Cheers anyway peeps, gl in the future etc.

    FiNeSSE xx
  9. Teeee New Member

    Finesse you seem like a nice chap, lets have no hard feelings eh?

    your welcome to ask for a trial at any time in the future, and of course your welcome to chill in irc and hop onto pub servers with us :)

    har ahr and rah are aliasing hoes :p
  10. FiNeSSE New Member

    I am a nice chap, and there are no hard feelings :) .

    I know that inph was har but who was ahr and rah? just out of curiosity .. oh and thats good of you to let me play on pubbies with you ;) j/k
  11. Teeee New Member


    as in, there wont be any animosity from us if 'we' see you on a server
  12. Skyler New Member

  13. Ivan New Member

    to kill superior skilled guys like skyler just rush op to em and spray and pray if u kill them once they will start moaning about ur lack of skills and loose concentration pretty soon u will kill them more than they kill u.

    dont work on the guys and girls in the [VETS] CLan though they to good ;) and not taking public server play to serious and not to mention the fact that when u hit the mouse button to start spraying u dead allready :)

    /me annoyes skyler once again and scurrys away to the safty of password protected servers like builders ;)
  14. Cancer I LIVE IN HULL!

  15. ashw Active Member

    i hs rah and ahr in that of 300+ on 33.6k :D
  16. red_ice New Member

    Re: trial?

    Well, hes got my approval - hes hip to the lingo

    but how are your cs skillz yong grasshopper? :eek:

  17. MrLAU AWP h0e

    this post is like an month old reddy :)
  18. Nick^ New Member

    Pissing myself laughing like most way through the thread :/

    Lau I come hax you some time with my not-played-in-over-a-year TFC skillz.

    Can't wait til i get cable, raaaaaarrrr etc.
  19. red_ice New Member

  20. Nick^ New Member

    i'll hax j00 t00 reddy