Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40): Killing Viscidus

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    Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40): Killing Viscidus

    Kill Viscidus is so easy if all know how to do:

    First at all we need to make gruops, 1 to 4 inside and 5 to 8 outside.


    1/3 freeze, about 100 frost hits, only casters and wands on viscidus (all casters need to frosthit, mages with frostbolt rank 1 and loks with frost wand)

    2/3 freeze, at this point melee waiting outside must enter to hit on melee (high speed weapons with icy chill)

    3/3 freeze, as an icecube, need 75 melee hits to broke (all including mages and loks need to go melee to hit or be unfreezed) then melee must run out again

    Explode.- 75 hits after freeze viscidus explodes and spawns some slimes from walls, each group have to focus on 1, each 1 of them killed is near 10% viscidus life. Damaged oned does nothing , we need kill spawns.
    When spawns meet, viscidus is reconstructed.

    We have to repeat this precess until kill


    Poison Shock .- only to MT, theres np if have nice NR
    Poison Volley .- hits all ppl inside room, thats why only 20 get in, easy clean 20 ppl than 40
    Toxin Clouds .- 2k/tick aprox, u have so much time to get out cloud, its so easy then dun stay inside them

    All have nature DOT, then we have to dring a nature resis potion just at beggining (for first voley) and shamies have to clean as fast as they can

    thats a little positions map:
    View attachment 750

    and theres a couple of videos to see phases and please focus on how melees go in and out:



    maybe i forgot something but anyway u can ask to me.



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    just forget, ppl inside room need to have 150-200 nr buffed

    if MT have more better because poison shok do insane dmg sometimes
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    nice post.. intresting fight, doesnt look very complicated imo, think we can do this very soon..