Steam & CS1.6

Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by HobbEs, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. HobbEs Agent Hobo

    Steam & CS1.6

    Just installed steam today. Played meh first game. It seems that the resolution was at 800x600 so I tried to change it in the CS1.6 menu. However, my computer crashed just after I click on the options tab.

    Tried it several times and it still crashes my computer.

    Does anyone know how to adjust the 3d settings (direct3d or 3dfx/ opengl) manually?

    Damn program is irritating and slow...argh, 1yr of inactivity and when I wanna play I can't - lol :D
  2. Badgerz New Member

    i have that..options in Half-life or other mods dont crash so set the res in that
  3. DeJaVu New Member

    i had same promblem, i reinatalled hl and then steam, works fine now.