Star Wars: The Old Republic - Launch

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by weezel, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. weezel Moderator

    Cut out all the non-English realms. Subject to change, as they update it.

    I know Nat mentioned this to me, asked me which I'll play on, so I thought I would grab this list from the forums. I'll probably not get it until release or just after. Anyone know ahead of time which they might play on? Not a lot to go on obviously at this point in terms of population on each, Early Access won't really shed any light on that either.

    When do you think you'll start playing, if at all.

  2. Jistly Guild Member

    I created a character on The Ravager, gonna try out jedi this weekend, however if they are goody two shoes I'll swap back to sith

    Char name : Jistly
  3. proteinboy Guild Member

    Sith inquisitor on the PVE server Hidden Beks

    Had ~15min of wait and about 160 people ahead of me last night at 20.00 CET.
  4. Viruk Guild Member

    I will also be playing on Hidden Beks. Fuck knows what though, guess it doesnt really matter what class i fail on.
  5. Ziigmund Guild Member

    I was on Bloodworthy but tried to log in now and 60min wait. So I will go ravager as sith and fuck nat up oneday
  6. Thething Guild Member

    Char Name: Thething

    Server: The Ravager
  7. Jistly Guild Member

    Why the fuck would you pick PvE server : <, even if you don't like ganging in wow, it might be interesting in SWTOR
    edit. Just tried logging on Ravager, no wait time so far :p
  8. proteinboy Guild Member

    With my extremly limited play time I really, really don't want to get cluster-ganked by some selfrighteous 12-year old and his buddies with thier unlimited amounts of free time...
  9. Ziigmund Guild Member

    Seems the whole of russia is playing ravager sith if chat is anything to go by.
  10. Ziigmund Guild Member

    Btw I am sure you all know this already, but incase you do not, if you use the mouse to select 1/2/3 you can see if you will get light or dark with that option before you select it. Again, I am sure you all know that but yea ....
  11. Carpeia Guild Member

    Gonna be playing on:
    Server Name: Port Nowhere
    Server Location:
    US East (UTC -6)
    Server Type: PvP
    Faction: Empire

    Not grabbing it for a week tho, since its overload with work atm.. but 60++ friends are in already.
    Really looking forward to this game, shame the crafting which i loved so much in SWG, are not quite the same and challenging, but hopefully it eventually will be a "rewarding" time :)

  12. Thething Guild Member

    Why a US server instead of an EU one?
  13. Carpeia Guild Member

    Cause ive played on US servers in SWG, and also i started out wow over on us servers... and many of the old people are gathered on that server again.. about 60+.. which makes it a laugh really :)

    Will also be picking a server on EU, so i can check out how the ping and stuff will be affected..and so that i can play with my friends here.
  14. Bullet Guild Member

    Im on niman (PVP EU server)

    Playing sith assassin currently lvl 25!
  15. Jistly Guild Member

    Changed server to chuundar, ravager one had russians all of it as ziig said :p
  16. Thething Guild Member

    OMG u left me? BASTARD!
  17. Jistly Guild Member

    I have to say Jedi seem a bit better off than Sith, I mean just the fact that you can throw random shit and ppl and stun em is amazing, sith get a shitty lightning that just eats energy : <
  18. Jistly Guild Member

    Does anyone know a point of spending stuff into dark or light side? I remember that on beta I could get a fancy Lightsaber when i reached 1k dark, but there was exactly the same one for 1k light
  19. Thething Guild Member

    I heard during beta that some gear will require dark side or light side points, no idea if the gear will be the same stats and such
  20. Ziigmund Guild Member

    I think I made a mistake with marauder.