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    I Have cata and i playing League of legends you blizz
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    I see a lot of people on vent. You all able to connect or all QQing?
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    Retrieving Character Lists since 2005.
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    I take it launch day was full of the usual expansion joys then? Lots of staring at the connection is the pop balance on Al'Akir these days anyway, still the same as it was during the time I was on or changed a bit?
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    it hasnt changed much at all. still almost no alliance :D and all the usual expac release day blues
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    i cried
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    Actually a very sad story.. But even more sad is it, that it's how it goes with most pets.. Owners hate them at the start, then love them, then leave them, and once they die, they miss them.. Take a lesson from it.. Don't ever stop loving your pet..
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