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  1. inph Guild Master

  2. Nick^ New Member

    I love that cat pic, I'm getting a new cat in September jejejejejeje
  3. inph Guild Master

  4. shez New Member

    ROFLMAO :p hahahaha
  5. Ivan New Member


    i prefer dogs :)
  6. Nick^ New Member

    If a red cross is your idea of a dog you are one twisted individual.
  7. Ivan New Member

    just found him to be a cute dog sleeping on a piece of bread :)
  8. inph Guild Master

    image was originally broken :p
  9. shez New Member


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  11. HobbEs Agent Hobo

    omg, that is one freaky picture!

    see the eerie glow off his face, must've been a porno he's watching