shaman is my cat: P

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Llothe, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Llothe Guild Member

    shaman is my cat: P

    Its totally unreleated with wow but here is my cat: )

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  2. Chryssy Guild Member

  3. Nair New Member

    he is so round :D
    cute cat

    I like mine better :)
  4. MessiahDK Guild Member

    tsk - women.... :)
  5. Intruder Guild Member

  6. Tinos New Member

    Very cute cat! (so is the girl ;))
  7. weezel Moderator

    cats are cute :)
  8. Kalucifer New Member

    cute x]
  9. Jais Guild Member

    Cats are cute.. They got this soft, gentle glow about 'em.. Uhm, nevermind.. Accidentially set my own on fire again :|
  10. Intruder Guild Member

    hey faggot!
  11. Intruder Guild Member

    hey faggot!
  12. Zaggi Member

    Hey Faggot
  13. Tinos New Member

    Hey faggot! :D
  14. SoulJay New Member

    whole lot of homofobia going on.... but nice cat! must be a nightmare with all that fur....
  15. Jais Guild Member

    Homofobia? They're simply greeting eachother! Not like they're flinging insults on eachother..