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  1. samurai CHEATER WONID: 26226

    lol @ the imaturity

    makes me laugh, lot of u need to grow up n get a life....
  2. ashw Active Member

    are you still here?
  3. Nick^ New Member

    Funny, since most of the people on this forum have:

    A) An education
    B) A well-paid job

    So, looks like you haven't got a life, since you stay on this forum, posting about not cheating when it is clear you do. Only retards cheat in the first place, anyway. So why don't you get a life?

  4. samurai CHEATER WONID: 26226

    ash0r, are u still here also....idiot

    and btw Nick^ <- whats with the ^ at the end of your name u "retard" ?
  5. Rav0r New Member

    Calling us immature, have you seen yourself? Think not.
  6. TJ DA PIMP New Member

    As an independant

    Some may say this is nothing to do with me but as an independant I think you guys are being quite childish and definatly soft.

    You are putting the boot in on him when he has gracefully walked away and you continue to grief him when he is no longer causing you a problem..

    I got an answer which I am happy with as regards the alleged cheating.. I saw the screen shots.. I saw his response and i couldnt avoid the heat you guys gave him..

    I think that in all honesty you are crucifying him for something I still despute he did..

    Now at the time of the incident I wasnt speaking to ben because of matters I wont go into with you guys..(no hes not my lover.. and no we diddnt have a tiff) That aside.. I know ben and I know that he is just naturally good at CS.. now I think that you should leave this forum subject closed as Ben wished.. If you are so certain he cheated then.. that is your call.. I admit I wasnt watching over his should but.. as yet ben has been unable to find the alleged file on his hard disk and having played in many servers since operation scans etc .. he still hasnt been identified as having the files that the particular server in question purports..

    Now grow up chill out and realise that this CS bullshit is a game.. it is there so you can have fun.. a little escapism.. coz lets face it in the real world you are all sad recluse motherfuckers who spend far to much time playing games.. to the point where you care about getting beat.. If you cant take a beating gracefully you cannot really ever appreciate winning..

    Think about this shit..

    I dont have beef with vets... I am a friend of NICOS... Yeah... one of your fellow clan members...who incidentally agrees and doesnt think ben cheats..

    I dont want revenge... i dont want his name cleared.. i am noone to attempt such a thing..

    I just want you to stop being immature and continuing to abuse him for something you cant say he did for sure...


  7. Rav0r New Member

    I dont care, PB hack was found on his system, he cheats now fu!!!!! :eek:
  8. Rav0r New Member

    just doing it to get my post count high for a reasn :cool:
  9. Rav0r New Member


    Reason* SMB MY 3rd GO AT THIS !£"
  10. TJ DA PIMP New Member


    i said on my last and somewhat extensive post... that I have no beef with vets.. I am just asking you to show some maturity and clarity of vision..

    Have a nice life I am a sad bastard

  11. Rav0r New Member

    :D :cool:
  12. ashw Active Member

    Re: As an independant

    There is no dispute that he had pbinject.dll in his punkbuster folder, that's fact.
    del c:\punkbuster\pbinject.dll
    is the first thing he should have done after being caught with the cheat.

    Is this coming from the same person as was just lecturing us about maturity?
    See above.

    As far as the majority of us are concerned, the matter is closed, samurai has provoked numerous replies to this thread which naturally is full of posts from inquisitive forum members. If samurai had just read the thread and not bothered to start a mini flame war, I am positive it would not have exceeded one page. Posts such as:
    are totally off topic and in my humble opinion, it is samurai, not nick who comes out looking silly. The possibilities as to samurai's status as a cheat have been explored and any further discussion is not only redundant but counter productive. Don't continue to post on the thread.
  13. Nico New Member

    you kids are all odd, someone close the thread
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