SaTStrat 1.91 Released

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  1. inph Guild Master

    SaTStrat 1.91 Released

    Go here to grab it:

    26-09-01 (Lgx):

    Been having problems loading saved maps in 1.9? Well thats because I'm a complete idiot and forgot to update the map version reference tables. Really sorry bout that. Here's version 1.91 and it fixes this problem. 1.91 can read maps v1.8, 1.9 and 1.91. 1.91 also has a fix for a bug discovered by Lisandro Cardoso causing notes to get shifted when icons are deleted. Thanks Lisandro and enjoy the new release!

    22-09-01 (Lgx):

    Yo, 1.9 finally out. Features below.
    1.9 is netcode compatible with 1.8 ie: you can use (connect/host) satstrat with people wo use 1.8 although we don't recommend it because of the notes transfer bugs.

    18-09-01 (Lgx):

    Ey! Decided to redesign the page to welcome the upcoming release of SaTstrat v1.9 later this week.

    Maps transfer bug fixed.
    The long awaited BMP export now implemented.

    Me and inph also have some very exciting plans for a CS "plugin" allowing you to view your strategies in-game while playing. I really think this will be reality soon. Won't be in this version though.

    And incase ur wondering the ingame strat is like an overlay thing ala half irc/map from global warfare (for waz cos he cant seem to remember where's he's mean to be :p )
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    eww,bout time ulot got this :)
    rah! :p:cool: