Discussion in 'Guild News' started by weezel, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. weezel Moderator

    We killed the "I have legs now but I won't show you them" version of ragnaros and got some loot that was crap. yay!

  2. Jistly Guild Member

    Could you increase size of screenshot on the front page? Would look better :p
  3. weezel Moderator

    tried, thats how it comes out. sucks
  4. proteinboy Guild Member

  5. Eczema Guild Member

    sup with the fortune cards?
  6. Sza Guild Member

    Damn pb! stole what i was going to say! Anyways Congrats! Now go 1shot Shannox!
  7. Fashion Guild Member

  8. jackiee Guild Member

    Really weezel, send me your WTF and addons I want your UI
  9. Ziigmund Guild Member

  10. jackiee Guild Member

    Darn, I'm tempted, but I don't want to spend 1 year on editing =[, good to know for future, thanks
  11. weezel Moderator

    it's just Tukui
  12. jackiee Guild Member

    I noticed yeah, it's incredibly easy to configure, probably a good alternative for when I create new characters