[OFFICIAL] Draenei the new Alliance Race.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Karnage, May 10, 2006.

  1. Karnage Member

    [OFFICIAL] Draenei the new Alliance Race.

    From the Burning Crusade site. Source here.

    Explains why these Draenei look so much like Eredar....Draenei is "Exiled Ones" in the Eredar language.

    Also the FAQ notes they met another race after fleeing Draenor that had a natural connection with The Light, hence the ability to have Draenei Paladins.

  2. Peavy New Member

    Seems reasonable. Not an expert of warcraft lore but this i can buy :)
  3. humungus New Member

    So, if 80% of the Draenei were killed by the orcs, and the rest tainted by 'fel energies', warping their bodies etc, where's the untainted ones that the aliens gets to play? ;>
  4. Celebdiur New Member

    there are about 2 in the blasted lands, and a small town in Swamp of Sorrows.


    I'm wondering how they will manage these people if they are now an alliance race, with the same issue pertaining to the blood elves in Azshara whom I love to farm (they drop major health pots like crazy)
  5. Karnage Member

    the Swamp of Sorrows Draenei are mutated, not the "pure" Draenei from Burning Crusade. Only difference is the "Lost Ones" in the Swamp were mutated during the battles with the Orcs while they still had the corruption, rather than having been mutated into more demon-like states by Sargeras.

    As for the Blood Elves, in Azshara, they betrayed the Horde they were working with so I'd assume they were still going to be fair game unless they actually build a city in Azshara.
  6. Blind New Member

    Your making this up as you go along aren't you?
  7. Karnage Member

    Me? no. Blame Blizzard. I'd go into how they mentioned the Draenei had a "dimensional ship" but I'd rather not :p