New and Ex members who need forum access post here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inph, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Antixx New Member

    forum access

    forum access plz
  2. Brütal New Member

    i need one also :)
  3. Towneh New Member

    Requesting forum lurker status.
  4. Aryne New Member

    Pretty please :)
  5. Nolimitz New Member

    with sugar on top?
  6. Wsky New Member


    It's time to get some acces i guess with cata incomming.!


  7. Karnage Member

    Could I have access please? Still debating with myself about whether Cata is enough to make me resub :D
  8. Biznizz Guild Member

    Can I haz forum access please?
  9. Roffe Guild Member

    Access please
  10. Thri Guild Member

    joined few days ago and would like a forum access =)
  11. Sedona New Member

    Can you please give access for Ranchester and me. Thank you in advance!
  12. Ahmed New Member

    need access plz :) , joined along time ago , but forget to leave a post here ^^
  13. jackiee Guild Member

    Can I have some acces please!
  14. Wonders Guild Member

    Can I have access, please?
  15. Mish Member

    can i have some access pls ;)
  16. Allure Guild Member

    Coudl i get access back please?
  17. Deathrey Guild Member

    Look! it is Allure!
  18. Allure Guild Member

    You know it.. although Ive alwasy ahd a toon in teh guild, figured id try come lurk forums again and see what the sniznits goign on
  19. arami Member

    Ärami here, need access, ty
  20. Nonow Guild Member

    Need access as well, thanks