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  1. Naiyona Guest

    Part 1: About Yourself
    Hello there, my name is Greg ( some call me Greggles, long story..) and i'm from the UK.
    I'm 22 years old and have been on WoW since i was about 17 or so. I like to spend a fair amount of time on WoW ( 7 level 85's ) but I haven't genuinly taken raiding seriously since TBC, until Cataclysm hit ( so basically I went AWOL in WOTLK ).
    I've just come back from a break ( another long story ) however i'm back and fighting fit and looking to get some good usage out of my monthly payments.
    I've never been great about putting my life on a piece of paper, people just generally get to know me. I aren't shy and i enjoy socialising. I do try spend as much time as I can with my girlfriend, however with her being a nurse it's easier said than done and a lot of nights i won't see her and that's where WoW comes into it. I'll be available a lot for raids.
    Part 2: About Your Character and Raiding Experience

    * Character Name and link to your WoW Armoury Profile (Log out in PvE gear).
    Naiyona. Armory =
    ( I've just realised, that link shows me in OS gear @ Lightbringer, I transferred last night so it should automatically fix ).
    * Raiding spec (link to WoWhead if different from armoury) with an explanation why you chose that particular spec. Also tell us about your dual spec choices.
    I raid with a typical Frost DK DW spec with common sense glyphs to maximise my output. For dual spec I currently have Blood but I will be changing it to PVP Frost in due time.
    * Tell us about your raiding experience.
    I have cleared all content on one toon or another over the years, the DK i play now is my newest, yet most fun imo. I have cleared DS normal on 10 man, Firelands normal on 10 man.
    * If available provide a WWS/World of Logs parse from one of your recent raids (This is so we can see how you heal/tank/dps.)
    My previous guild didnt upload anything at WWS.
    * Tell us if you PvP. Are you interested in Arena and/or Rated Battlegrounds.
    i am interested in PVP very much and will be respeccing to associate myself with PVP ( offspec ).
    * Write a small bit about your Alts and what experience you've had with them.
    I first had a Druid, got bored. Then had a Mage ( in TBC ) raided up to BT but never cleared. I also have Shaman, Warrior, this DK, another DK and a Rogue which in the 6 years or so i've played, have done this or that.
    Part 3: Your UI and Addons

    * What are the three most useful PvE UI addons you use and why?
    I use Recount, DBM and erm...think that's it. I do believe DBM is mandatory however i've never really used Addons that much and it's never stopped me from progressing. That's not to say i wouldn't be flexible.
    * Link a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment (use AV if you need a raid).
    My actual UI in a raid enviroment is the same as a normal enviroment.
    * What abilities do you click as oppose to hotkey and why?
    I keep things like IBF, AMS etc on clicker because i'm competant enough to hit them when necessary, however skills like PoF, Blood Tap etc which are used a lot I keep hotkeyed.
    Part 4: Additional Details or Questions for us

    * What other games/MMOs have you played.
    Return to castle wolfenstein : enemy territory ( love it ). And runescape, but never again.
    * How did you find out about Veterans ( forums / name of friend / other etc).
    Ifound you from Guild Finder(in game)
    * Anything extra you feel will benefit your application.
    I would like to add that this is the only Guild i've applied for. The reason for this is I like that you take an element of seriousness in the game but not too much to ask for blood samples on applications but you aren't leniant so that anyone with the IQ of a ham sandwich can join.
    * Any questions you need to ask us.
    Not at the moment.!
    Thank you for taking the time to read through my application.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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  2. weezel Moderator

    We don't actively raid at the moment - at least not until Mists lands.
  3. Fashion Guild Member

    worst possible time to apply to any guild to raid ma friend
  4. Naiyona Guest

    In all honesty, I just want a solid guild to be a part of when MoP hits. Joining a guild now and getting to know people etc would work perfectly for when MoP comes.
    As i stated in my application, i'll be doing PVP ( with an RL friend ) just for laughs really, that's where my time will be spent until MoP comes.
    This guild just simply stood out is all.
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