Lmao star's coment in PC Zone

Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by creatur3, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. drugroth New Member

  2. Disie New Member

    who is who on that pic?
  3. stardust Moderator

    someone delete this tbh !
  4. Uldor Member

    Afraid of the past are we now :p
  5. ashw Active Member

    haha, pwned again star!
  6. Faz0n New Member

    omg its FAZON! hehe
    yeh i talk to drugroth now and then , id have to say ..
    HI BECCA , nice 2 see you lawl
  7. drugroth New Member

  8. humungus New Member

    nice smile ;P
  9. stardust Moderator

    ok i petition for this thread to be deleted. how about i post a semi recent pic and u all stfu! ? :)
  10. Carnybaby Guild Member

  11. Uldor Member

    How semi recent are a semi recent picture ?, dont make deals to quickly here Dark ... there are certain possibilitys here ;)
  12. coil Member

    with your tits out!
  13. MrLAU AWP h0e


    hmmm actually yes why not :p
  14. stardust Moderator

  15. Uldor Member

    So where is the picture?, you know we cant close this thread before we get the other one :p
  16. Carnybaby Guild Member

    sorry i read it as a semi nude picture :p

  17. Macdaddy Member

    im game.

    and bex, i already saved those 2 above to my HD anyway.. they are saved for posterity.
  18. Guvnor Guild Member

    I can have my tits out for you guys.
  19. Kalurak Guild Member

    Pics > words.
  20. Costas Guild Member

    giev tits