Lmao star's coment in PC Zone

Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by creatur3, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. creatur3 New Member

    Lmao star's coment in PC Zone

    here's the pic but its a bit blury so ill type it incase ya cant read it

    starreh,one of the girls from the
    female british team,Clan SCEE,summed
    it up succincity: "This is Crap And I'm Bored"

    Lmao it wasnt that bad surely :verybiggr lol



  2. MrLAU AWP h0e

    it was ferkin shet, put me off going to nething like that agian,
  3. creatur3 New Member

    u were there aswell :O

    dont let it put you off Laning though
  4. MrLAU AWP h0e

    get ur ass on irc :)

    slacklan > ecg
  5. Mixa New Member

    r4h skittleslan3
  6. stardust Moderator

    i dont remember saying that, certainly not to any reporters :p it was kinda boring sittin waiting tho :D
  7. Badgerz New Member

    lol, thats a great quote
  8. creatur3 New Member


    little becz dont she look cute

    imph im stealing stareh from ya next lan ya at
  9. ashw Active Member

    /mode -blur
    would be better but just realised some bird's nicked my quality scanner...

    reports coming in from around the country of pczone issue 136, pages 110 and 111 being 'stuck' together.
  10. creatur3 New Member

    lol nice one ash

    my camera dont like close up shots :(
    need to get meh a scanner
  11. coil Member

    << me
  12. ashw Active Member

    coil wins the suckiest avatar competition.

    that's a digital cam, trick is to hold it really steady and try a few different distances from the page with macro on because autofocus sux.
  13. Skyler New Member

    Starreh don't lie we all know you'd say that kinda thing :p
  14. Malibu Stacey New Member

    Which one's Ms Stardust & who're the rest on 'em then?
  15. Mixa New Member

    lol they fight crime!
  16. creatur3 New Member

    starreh is the one with a illumi yellow pass strap around her kneck

    black === no risk,trusted player
    illumi yellow === hi risk of cheats being used
    red == AWP hoE deffntly a hax0r

    lau got a red one

  17. Carnybaby Guild Member

    this deserved a top.
    i remember reading that article.
    never connected the names before tho 0_o

    ps nice pick :p
  18. invalid Guild Member

  19. Carnybaby Guild Member

  20. Jerman New Member

    hi becca!