Keeping in touch

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    Keeping in touch

    * Matron changes topic to 'as u might know UKCSR servers/web have been down for quite some time now and tbh I dont think they will be back. I'd just like to say thanks to all our regulars etc and a huge thanks to all the admins and other ppl that helped'

    post ur clan forums below guys/girls and add ur points of view we the regulars of ukcsr has been friends for to long to let that friendship vanish along with the servers.
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    [10:19:49] <Snizzle> // Im leaving irc / cs / online gaming etc get me on hotmail Bai!

    right take care snizzle and have fun .
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    least some1 finally announced it....
    did ade actually tell some1 this ? or is it just finally assumed it ?


    If you guys want somewhere to play together during the day, i can sort our server out for ya's.. we dont usually use it apart from 7pm - 11pm... kind of peek times, but lets u play somewhere till ya's are sorted wit some new community

    im always on irc, well my bouncer is at least

    So msg me anytime ya like:

    fS`Shaw in #fingerSports (Quakenet)
    email: or
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  5. Cancer I LIVE IN HULL!

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    well you know where to find us ;)
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    Hi people, spread the news to play here: - | [builder] Clan Server

    I dont know if its going to be perminent but it would be cool if we couls keep the ukcsr regulars together in one place.

    Cya around :D

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    OMG becka thats a awfully cute avtar :/ makes me feel Evil ..
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