Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by Rav0r, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Rav0r New Member


    Is anyone still around? :D Just want to see how everyone is getting on etc.

    Also phil (WaZ) posted a couple of pics on facebook from an old Roweb lan I thought some people might enjoy!



    good old times!!
  2. stardust Moderator

    hello ! what are you up to these days?

    nice t shirts we all have there :p
  3. Rav0r New Member

    omg starreh!! im good these days, got laid off a couple of months ago right before xmas so ive been on the dole and bumming around ;/ been playing a bit of cs recently and i just wanted to know what everyone from VETS was doing these days, seems like everyones playing WoW! even Lau!

    any of the old vets dudes still around? what you doing these days? still up in south ken?

    oh yeah you on facebook ? waz wants to know its all he uses! posting old pics making us all look terrible ;/
  4. stardust Moderator

    Yeah, I'm on facebook but don't check it very often. I'm in Battersea now, left South Ken ages ago :p Still working there though... And yeah, playing wow :) I haven't really played much cs in ages, just the odd game here or there but mainly wow, and rl obviously ;)
  5. MessiahDK Guild Member

    who is who on those pictures!
  6. Rav0r New Member

    on the last pic left to right goes:

    WaZ, StoppA, Mixa, Hugoagogo, skope/soley, starreh, inph, dejavu, me!
  7. inph Guild Master

    Hi Rav,

    Most of us are still here playing WoW/L4D/DoW2/CoD5 etc
  8. MrLAU AWP h0e

    Ello Rav :)

    I have facebook but i rarely use it, but im on steam in the evenings.

    hahaha skope looks like a blood elf (top photo) and hugo looks like becca (bottom photo)
  9. Rav0r New Member

    Rah Lau Sang! Still using that battery powered mouse? had a built in awp aimbot I swears!

    My steam friends nick is PB21 I any of you wish to add!

    I dont play WoW at all (I had to add something to I can post on the forums) but L4D/COD5/DoW2 are very good options!

    Are skope/cola or any of the other old cs guys still around? also do you guys have a vent server, would be nice to pop in and say hi sometimes!
  10. BaL New Member

    Just thought i would come in and say hallo!, how is everyone? its been ages since ive seen anyone from vets alive :)
  11. stardust Moderator

    Oh my god! Hello! :D

    What you up to these days? ;)
  12. weeeeeeeeeeeeee New Member

    wtf - its good to see u guys plugged on

    Well most of you prolly dont know me - but I am Lister - just been playing COD and thought i'd check to see is the server stats still recorded our tournament / league victories - which they dont :(

    some of you guys i know and some i dont - but fantastic to see you guys r keeping in touch - i think it was like 10 years ago ffs - see i leave it to inph and what happens... ;)
  13. inph Guild Master

    Long time no see Lister, how did Spain go? Whatcha up to these days?