HB Jaisadin

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kalurak, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Kalurak Guild Member

    HB Jaisadin

    As per title!
  2. weezel Moderator

    happy birthday jaisadin!
  3. Chryssy Guild Member

    Happy Bday!
  4. stardust Moderator

    2 threads ! popular ! :p

    hb ;)
  5. Intruder Guild Member

    idd.cba to post the same here.....
  6. chrisrichardson Guild Member

    Happy birthday :D
  7. invalid Guild Member

  8. weezel Moderator

    my avatar is great, thats how i like women, all psycho and stuff, except the gun part of course.
  9. Thething Guild Member

    HB danish boy
  10. Jais Guild Member

    That's usually how they appear before you tho, eh?:D

    Thanks guys, didn't expect to find TWO threads about my birthday, but atleast it gave me a big smile :D Thanks and take care! I expect Illidan down as my birthday present!
  11. Kalurak Guild Member

    If I knew someone else would be foolish enough to try the same (mine was here first dammit!)...

    Why not the gun though? A woman with a gun brings home her own money!
  12. Bloodtear Guild Member

    HB Jais
  13. Costas Guild Member

    HB jAIS
  14. Relentless Member