Happy Lunar New Year!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Auradin, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Auradin New Member

    Happy Lunar New Year!!


    To all chinese/asian/anyone who cares:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :cheers:

  2. Whittex Moderator

    Happy New Year mate...do they also slaugther a chicken to offer to the gods in Korea?
  3. Auradin New Member

    hehe i'm chinese.. i'm from hong kong :p
    I think there's some kinda tradition in china but not sure :D
  4. chrisrichardson Guild Member

    Google kindly told me this today! :D
  5. Auren New Member

    hmm never heard of killing chickens
  6. Moraina New Member

    Happy New Year!
  7. inph Guild Master

    Gong Xi Fa Cai
  8. MrLAU AWP h0e

    Kung Hei Fat Choi!

    Have fun eating yummy food including nian gao and recieving loadsa red envelopes or giving in whittex's case :p
  9. Bloodtear Guild Member

    Yey, happy NY to everyone that celebrates it now.
  10. Whittex Moderator

    I am a Hong Kong Chinese! (from Fanling), Auradin where are you from? My parents did slaugther a chicken to offer to our ancestors...and idd Lau : costed a lot of red envelops!
  11. proteinboy Guild Member

    whats the deal with the red envelopes?
  12. Whittex Moderator

    they put money in it! and give it to the children for good luck as red is the color of happiness and luck!
  13. Zeux Guild Member

    And mighty chinese army for the great communist leader! (hai lylt).
    This is blasphemy, Jesus is our lord and saviour and he is the one that started time!

    nah, but really happy new year Chinamen! (Radio told me this today:eek:)
  14. Auradin New Member

    omgomgomg!! Whittex u're from HK too?? I llive in Chi Fu << you probably dont know..
    it's in Pok Fu Lam.. near Aberdeen

    My sister is collecting all the red envelopes for me coz i wont be back until summer :'(
    hope she'll keep them somewhere safe :p

    MrLau do u speak cantonese too?
    I ate lots of good food too! me and auren went for a hotpot dinner yesterday!
    We were so full but I still cooked some rice balls for him! yumyum!
  15. Auren New Member

    meh.. never had red envelop for YEARS ever since i left Korea and no one is collecting for me.. PoK Gai :(
  16. Zeux Guild Member

    Korea?, I'm confused:rotfl:
  17. Auradin New Member

    Auren is Korean but he's now studying in uk :)
  18. Lyrical Guild Member

    We have Auradin and Auren who just confuse the shit out of me, because I only read the first 3 letters of someones name!

    Happy New Year. Why does the new year start on the 26th? :) I would find out myself but I am one lazy prick.
  19. Whittex Moderator

    Lau and me are both Hakka LO! I do speak Cantonese fluently and Mandarin is so so...

    Lau have fun in HK ! I am back at that time though....
  20. Zeux Guild Member

    so what year is it in Chinese now?