Graphics Card Advice Please!

Discussion in 'Technical: Hardware and Software' started by stardust, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. stardust Moderator

    I had a discussion a month or so ago with Baz, and probably some others, on mumble about graphics cards. Annoyingly can't remember which ones were recommended, and it might have changed since then.

    I have a radeon HD4870. Looking for something a little better, but not too pricey. Second hand could be an option too. It must have displayport...

    ta! :p
  2. Bazalt Guild Member

    Second hand nVidia 570/580; ATI 5870/6950/6970
  3. stardust Moderator

  4. inph Guild Master

    i have a asus directcuii 580 gtx and it's good and quiet
  5. Eczema Guild Member

    Using AUS DCII 670, quieter than any competition.