Frosty Levels Up to D4DDY

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  1. inph Guild Master

    Frosty Levels Up to D4DDY

    Frosty R gonna be Daddy!!!

    Oh behalf of VETS we'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS!

    Say hello to Clare for us all!

    On behalf of Cola we'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS! since he might not get a chance before the baby arrives.

    and the moment immortalised via inph|werk satellite network!

    [16:52:32] *** stalks is now known as stalks|sad
    [16:52:35] <Tuethlas|Hippy> sad?
    [16:52:37] <stalks|sad> Clare is in hospital
    [16:53:00] <stalks|sad> we went o the doctors this morning, then to hospital, she having surgery 2nite on her appendix
    [16:53:05] <stalks|sad> however u spell it
    [16:53:11] <Tuethlas|Hippy> aw
    [16:53:12] <Tuethlas|Hippy> :{
    [16:53:17] <stalks|sad> im really worried :eek:(
    [16:53:20] <Tuethlas|Hippy> dont be
    [16:53:21] <Rav0r> :(
    [16:53:22] <stalks|sad> shes not very strong
    [16:53:28] <Tuethlas|Hippy> u dont need appendix
    [16:53:33] <stalks|sad> she screamed when they put the drip in
    [16:53:39] <Tuethlas|Hippy> :(
    [16:53:39] <stalks|sad> shes so frightened
    [16:53:42] <stalks|sad> sfah;
    [16:53:46] <plzt> she should be ok stalks appendix ops arent too bad if caught early
    [16:53:54] <soley> omg :(
    [16:53:54] <Skope> :(((
    [16:54:08] <stalks|sad> im sdo *bleep* upset
    [16:54:11] * Skope sends flowers :)
    [16:54:26] * soley sends stalks|sad lots of love :)
    [16:54:29] <plzt> :/
    [16:54:31] <SKaRT> ack stalks, give her my best wishes m8 :/
    [16:54:41] <Tuethlas|Hippy> say i said hello and get well soon :\
    [16:54:52] <Tuethlas|Hippy> :{
    [16:54:53] <stalks|sad> i will + thx
    [16:55:04] <plzt> mm give her a hug from me
    [16:55:10] <stalks|sad> ive come back to pack some stuff for her
    [16:55:21] <soley> remeber the duck for me :)
    [16:55:22] <stalks|sad> gonna bring her favourite teddybear too :eek:)
    [16:55:30] <stalks|sad> lol ok ill take the duck
    [17:09:50] * stalks|sad has been fragged: worrying myself to death about clare, wish her luck (clare having her appendix out tonight most probably)
    [18:39:57] * stalks|sad has been dead for 17h 51m: worrying myself to death about clare, wish her luck (clare having her appendix out tonight most probably)
    [23:01:26] * stalks|sad respawns. dead for 22h 13m
    [23:01:32] <Skope> wb m8
    [23:01:34] *** stalks|sad is now known as stalks|happy
    [23:01:36] <Skope> how is she?
    [23:01:42] <stalks|happy> shes er....
    [23:01:44] <stalks|happy> er...
    [23:01:46] <stalks|happy>
    [23:01:50] <stalks|happy> .....
    [23:01:52] <Skope> still out for the count? :|
    [23:01:53] <stalks|happy> ...pregnant
    [23:01:56] <Skope> !!!
    [23:02:00] <Skope> U WHAT?!
    [23:02:08] <stalks|happy> they couldnt operate because of it either :eek:/
    [23:02:12] <Skope> omg!
    [23:02:19] <map0r-> hmm wats happened?
    [23:02:22] <Skope> daddy stalks ;]
    [23:02:24] <FaiTHLeSS> stalks been making babies ;)
    [23:02:40] <stalks|happy> man you should of seen my face when I got told :eek:/
    [23:02:49] <stalks|happy> mega shock
    [23:03:03] <stalks|happy> they did a pregnancy test before surgery, standard procedure ... and it came up positive
    [23:03:12] <Skope> GAH
    [23:03:22] <map0r-> wat operation be this?
    [23:03:25] <Skope> a lil nipper soon then stalks? :p
    [23:03:39] <stalks|happy> but worse of it all, just after the geanacoligist left (speling) ... her mum arrived
    [23:03:43] <stalks|happy> I shat my self
    [23:03:51] <Skope> ;/
    [23:03:58] <stalks|happy> she could be as much as 4 months pregnant
    [23:04:04] <stalks|happy> even tho she had periods:eek:/
    [23:04:38] <Skope> eugh :|
    [23:05:13] <stalks|happy> she feels a lot better now tho, they gave her an injection for the pain and it put her to sleep
    [00:10:21] * Clare has been away for 1d 6h 22m: bedzzz (/L:On/B:On)
    [00:27:19] *** frosty changes the topic to 'Welcome to Veterans, a tetrinet clan || Looking for MR12 PCW's, PM TeppuM, or WaZ || || 1.4 is crap: inph star eper || Frosty is gonna be a daddy!'
    [00:27:32] <frosty> :eek:P
    [00:27:37] <inph0r> congratulations!
    [00:27:37] <frosty> shes in hospital right now :eek:)
    [00:27:49] <frosty> ta
    [00:27:50] <inph0r> appendicitis?
    [00:28:12] <frosty> yeah but turned out it was just the first stage if pregnancy being a bit painful :eek:)
    [00:28:19] <inph0r> lol
    [00:28:21] <inph0r> this planned?
    [00:28:23] <frosty> er
    [00:28:25] <frosty> no :eek:P
    [00:28:31] <frosty> but a welcome event :eek:)
    [00:28:42] <frosty> I'm not going "oh fuck shit, gotta run" or anything
    [00:28:55] <inph0r> omg frosty reaches old git level
    [00:29:02] <frosty> lol
    [00:29:09] <inph0r> we can call u 'my old man'
    [00:29:16] <frosty> weird thing is, shes had periods on time, evry month .. yet shes 4 months pregnant
    [00:29:46] <frosty> I was taking the piss out of her last week calling her "my fat moma" .... turned out the belly was real ;o(
    [00:29:58] <frosty> r33t, gotta be at hospital for 8 ... so going bed .. nn all :eek:P
    [00:30:02] <star|afk> well
    [00:30:06] <star|afk> congrats then both of you
    [00:37:20] <inph0r> frosty:
    [00:38:15] *** Quits: inph0r ( <- frosty r gonna be old fart next week!!!)

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  2. Skyler New Member

    aye congrats m8 :)
  3. Rav0r New Member

    Congrats :)
  4. -=FaiTHLeSS=- New Member


    /me wonders who next starreh and inph or skope and soley ;)

    Is it baby making time heheh

    congrats m8 heh
  5. inph Guild Master

    heh faith u forgot about *eper and lau* :D
  6. ashw Active Member

    the offspring of eper and lau?

    surely it would be against the law of the land to bring forth such a obscenety!

    /me types c:\bg2\balders-gate2.exe

    - edit

    /me types
  7. inph Guild Master

    actually i thinking a fusion of well known software cheets with battery powered input device ones...
  8. HobbEs Agent Hobo



    erm...eper and lau? battery operated devices????????? What's this? A lesson in S&M?
  9. ashw Active Member

  10. Matron New Member

    congrats! :D

    hope you have as much fun as the rest of us parents .... enjoy the sleep now cos you'll forget what its like when the babys here :)
  11. inph Guild Master

    frosty isnt allowed to sleep anyway!!

    its part of the unwritten rule handbook when he joined
  12. Matron New Member

    ah np's then :)
  13. creatur3 New Member



  14. Cancer I LIVE IN HULL!

    pld gg
  15. Teeee New Member

  16. ashw Active Member

  17. Nico New Member

    nice one m8
  18. plzt New Member

    woah. read the topic when i got in today and nearly choked!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! nice going frosty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Mixa New Member

    lead in the pencil!

    pld frost

    u gonna train him/her to play tfc or cs 1st?
  20. ashw Active Member

    tfc??? i think it's illegal to do stuff like that to young kids isn't it?

    you must progress through the ladder of games before you reach the ones that require most skill therefore i propose the following training regime:

    1: Chuckie Egg
    2: Quake 3 Arena
    3: Snapper
    4: Manic Miner / Jet Set Willy
    5: Duke Nukem 3d
    6: Doom I,II,Ultimate
    7: Terminator: Skynet
    8: Half Life Single Player
    9: Setting the Timer on the VCR
    10: Counter-strike

    The time spent on each can vary from 10 hours to a full lifetime in the case of counter-strike. Some of the games have lame elements, this is because the contrast ensures a healthy mind.

    Note that starting a baby on Skopeh stylee 1pint of expresso as a l33t juice is likely to lead to kidney failure, perhaps the addition of a small dose of um bongo to begin with, moving onto hard caffiene at a later stage will strengthen the organs to true gamer levels.