free phone calls to VETS members

Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by ashw, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. ashw Active Member

  2. Badgerz New Member

    had it for ages, just get strange men trying to talk to me.
    which you may be supprised isnt what i want all day
  3. ashw Active Member

    change your sex to 'male' in the options ;)

    only reason i see it being good is that there's no faffing about with NAT so noobies, etc can get it running easily.
  4. HuGoAGoGo AGoGoGoGoGoGo

    ashw by noobies i hope you don't mean me
    badg by strange men i hope you don't mean me
  5. MessiahDK Guild Member

    afaik it was a couple of danes who made it and then sold it for lots of money to ebay or something like that. (was in the news a while ago)
  6. Incredibull Guild Member

    The guys behind it are swedish actually :)
    ... or atleast the "main" guy...
  7. feign New Member

    I've actually used it for 5 man instance runs on at least one occasion - people split across guilds. The sound quality even on cnference call is excellent.

    Getting calls from people in the middle of my weekly diablo2 hardcore game which casues teh game to shrink to desktop can be rather hazardous though!
  8. Incredibull Guild Member

    Aye... Humungus has sent my characters towards their death by calling me up on skype on several occasions... The (in retrospect) funniest one was when I was riding around the edges of tanaris looking for Mithril when I got jumped back to the windows desktop, Alt-Tab'd back in just in time to see Bull go over the edge into Un'goro... Spent about 20 minutes trying to get my corpse back :p
  9. Kalurak Guild Member

    Thread necromancy of win!
    Can you use this to call people on normal phone or is it more like ring-up-vent?
  10. feign New Member

    Blame messiah.

    It's free pc to pc.

    You can buy "minutes" for pc to mobile/normal phone, or to e called in a similar manner.
  11. Faz0n New Member

    i had that for a while but i think its a rip off of msn mixed with ventrilo :) and its slow
  12. bangshee New Member

    i use it all the time now, since my parents are in Brasil
  13. ashw Active Member

    the voice part is unbeatable, the text chat is just a fallback really.
  14. blunder New Member

    my name on scype is Blunder88 if you need call :p
  15. Alwaysin New Member

    My Skype Name is Always666