First serious look at Jewelcrafting is up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Koalachan, Jul 9, 2006.

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    To much text and to few pictures. What does it say?
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    damnit peavy you lazy cow ^^
    btw, im going to remove my engineering to make place for Jewelcrafting when it comes :D
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    Jewelers can make BoP engineering like trinkets for themselves.

    Jewelers use gems from ores for their trade. I did get the distinct impression all better gems will require you to be Jewelcrafter/Miner or they can't spawn when you mine (i.e. an Armorsmith/Miner)

    Anyone can use gems made by jeweler or found to socket into items. There are special gems from special endbosses in the game.

    You can override sockets destroying the previous gem in it so you can keep upgrading and don't have to wait for the right combination first. Gems are colorcoded and so are sockets. If you slot the right colors in the right slots, the item will yield an additional bonus that seems equivalent to another gem.
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    Just to warn atm (although it's not confirmed by any means), that apparently some of the existing raid loot items are going to have sockets in them post-Burning Crusade, and the rumour is that if you get them BEFORE the expansion, your versions won't have sockets, and you'll need to get again before you can get the socketed one. It's not confirmed by any means and I'll try and get some more info on it as soon as I can, but just something I heard re: Jewelcrafting last night.
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    Some of the ladies in the guild can craft my jewels anyday! And Dan too of course.
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    Jewelcrafting will probably involve bashing them with a hammer guv
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    Theres a VERY thin line between pain and pleasure.
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    They get thinner if you bash them real hard.
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    In fact, the article explains how a skilled Jeweler is able to splice your jewels into different bits. Be afraid. Be Very Afraid!