Diablo III

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by inph, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Bazalt Guild Member

    You can change skills at will if you are not in combat.
  2. mumraa Guild Member

    the only time you get a penalty for it is when you are 60 and have the buff thing running for killing certain elite/special mobs if you change ANYTHING then you lose the buff bar that you have no penalty for changing spec or glyphs
  3. Jistly Guild Member

  4. mumraa Guild Member

    you rolling Dhuter, i might have sme items that could be of use, unless i trashed them this morning.
  5. inph Guild Master

    mine arrived this morning from play.com

    i guess i'll start being on mumble more now!

  6. Jistly Guild Member

    I can see why you would think that I'm going DH, but I decided to roll with monk instead :D, still dexterity tho
  7. weezel Moderator

  8. stardust Moderator

    Well mine still hasn't been shipped, so I think I will be going to Game tonight!
  9. Goal Guild Member

    Last week of semester now, have to wait until friday to play :(
  10. Bazalt Guild Member

    I feel your pain mate.
  11. mumraa Guild Member

  12. Fashion Guild Member

  13. weezel Moderator

    all i get once i've run the installer is


    and this is what i have for over an hour
  14. Bazalt Guild Member

    Digital or retail?
  15. weezel Moderator

    nevermind, now it's working
  16. weezel Moderator

    it's the digital one, i got it free from anual pass
  17. mumraa Guild Member

    had you updated the installer files? as there was an update over the weekend that needed to be applied, so it sitting there for an hour was proobably what it was doing
  18. inph Guild Master

  19. Fashion Guild Member

    not changing passes or getting auth
  20. mumraa Guild Member

    doing either won't save you from whats being said, the breech is bypassing the authentication servers, some people are even reporting that items just disappear from there stash/inventory while they are logged in.
    I have a ticket raised for missing items as well which i know i've not trashed and i have an auth on my account along with the text msg service and a pretty resonable password.