Deagle bug?

Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by red_ice, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. red_ice New Member

    Deagle bug?

    I use the deagle on occation, and i noticed that there is a slight bug with the first 3 bullets on the first clip...
    If you shoot the First bullet 80% of the time the bullet will be WAY off the second one will be more on target and so on...
    then apon reload, the bullets will shoot straight....
    At the start of every round i always shoot off the forts 2 bullets in the clip, and it makes for quick kills.
    I just thought that i would share that with you all and would like your views on that, coz i know people that insist its all BS...

  2. inph Guild Master

    no wonder i get 3 kills with my first 3 bullets....
  3. Teeee New Member

    Its true reddy
    ive seen many demos where players will shoot off a few bullets at the start of the round
  4. COLA New Member


    doesnt shoot magically straight after the first reload tho i find it doing that all the time
  5. inph Guild Master

    you lot still into aiming?
  6. COLA New Member

    lol inph has mastered the art of random spraying and actually turned it into a deadly skill ..
  7. inph Guild Master

    u watch the cpl demos yet?

    most of them spray :/

    This game impressed me a lot, man NiP have some good teamplay skills showing there and it looked like a demo of how to use an aimbot :) i wonder why these guys use full auto so much?? mafia trance also used full auto the whole time, all these swedes like too hold it down, only person out of them i have seen using a lot of burst fire is medion.
  8. COLA New Member

    yeah the idea is to aim then to spray inph ;)