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  2. Sephiroth Guild Member

    Shame, they could make an epic dragon fight, with all the aspects tanking/helping, have a phase when he is in human form raping faces with his 2H mace, have an interaction with the Dragon Soul etc.....instead they did a japanese tentacle monster.......
  3. Ipsissimus Guild Member

    Congratulations plebs!
  4. Eczema Guild Member

    Really, Blizzard?
  5. DuFFTarD Guild Member

    about time gratz on the kill
  6. Ziigmund Guild Member

    I miss you :(
  7. Eczema Guild Member

    People should do more pictures like this IRL.
    Nothing like a group-photo after defeating a dragon.
  8. weezel Moderator

    Iran did it with the US drone!