BF3 Beta

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by inph, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. inph Guild Master

    Veterans Platoon is up.
  2. Deathrey Guild Member

    Me wants in :( no beta for me
  3. inph Guild Master

  4. Deathrey Guild Member

    You are forgiven for now, just make sure that i figure it out next time.
  5. Goal Guild Member

    I updated my gfx drivers and the shit still tells me I cant play it :D
  6. MessiahDK Guild Member

    just sent an app to join (im RLarsen btw)
  7. Goal Guild Member

    I play this on the xbox because my pc cant handle it for shit :D
  8. mumraa Guild Member

    the ATI driver update BF3 is shit.
    it's killing other games(well Rage at present) making them (it) crash out to desktop
  9. Goal Guild Member

    After I got the patch I cant watch yt videos in 1080p because it lags, not so much in 720
  10. inph Guild Master

  11. proteinboy Guild Member

    Do you think it is any good?
  12. Goal Guild Member

    I kinda like it but wouldnt buy it over MW3. The most frustrating about the beta is falling through the ground in the 1st part
  13. inph Guild Master

    It's alright for a free beta, the game itself has huge flaws in playability vs realism.

    It's still fun though
  14. MessiahDK Guild Member

    im entertained dispite the bugs - but what the hell - its beta :)

    and mw3? looks excactly like the older games - i wont even bother with that
  15. Goal Guild Member

    Games are not about the looks but playability and fun, where MW beats battlefield, at least for me.
  16. inph Guild Master

  17. Fashion Guild Member

    the last one was amazing, and the tunes LOL, for a second there i thought i was playing sega saturn