Battlefield 3

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by inph, Oct 27, 2011.

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    eh... okay
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    i got it bitches
  5. MessiahDK Guild Member

    now if only i could activate my damn game - ea are some incompetent fucks setting up stable servers
  6. Goal Guild Member

    Anyone buying mw3? My pc cant run bf3
  7. Thething Guild Member

    Im getting mw3
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    Srs is it too hard to build a fucking game menu instead of forcing me to play from chrome ffs.
  10. inph Guild Master


    In Chrome

    Go to:

    Spanner Menu (alt+f) > Tools > Create Application Shortcut

    Choose where you want the battlelog icon.

    Launch application, resize to taste.

    Obviously difficult!
  11. Ziigmund Guild Member

    Yea very nice never knew you could do that, but it doesn't change anything. What is the point of this shit. Why not just use game interface like every other game does. Although I like the idea of battlelog stats.
  12. inph Guild Master

    Because it goes on your other monitor and is updated in real time.
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  16. MessiahDK Guild Member

    how do you get the graph to show?
  17. inph Guild Master

    Render.DrawFPS 1

    Glad you actually read the thread.
  18. MessiahDK Guild Member

    i did - but when i write that i only get the fps in the top right corner
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