banned from Veterans #2 in the US?

Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by Alien, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Alien New Member


    i was wondering why i was banned from vets#2 today?
  2. inph Guild Master

    The IP Address is:
    The host name is:

    no bans for that hostmask recorded
  3. Alien New Member

    ok, thats cool
    i tried to join twice. it said ban, never anything bout temp ban.
    i made sure to read the screen.
  4. Alien New Member

    well, here mabey you can tell me? this is from this morning?

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  5. ashw Active Member

    Veterans #2|148ms|

    US server.
  6. inph Guild Master

  7. creatur3 New Member

    haha wot a tool he came to the wrong VETS
  8. Skyler New Member

    Heh well it's not as funny as the American guy reseraching war veterans who came here last year :)
  9. HobbEs Agent Hobo

    omg you remember that??!! Skyler you're old :D
  10. ashw Active Member

    i hereby christen the last 24 hours - 'THE DAY OF SPAM'
  11. Skyler New Member

    Of course I remember it ya llama :p
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  14. creatur3 New Member

    wasnt that on the old forum that bloke looking for ex veterans
  15. Skyler New Member

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  17. DeJaVu New Member

    m00? :eek:
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