Ah.... the old times...

Discussion in 'Clan Veterans - [VETS]' started by Fodder, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Fodder New Member

    Ah.... the old times...

    Having once more had a go at CS after a looong break I have rediscovered my skills. Thats right! After a scant 3 minutes of playing I was able to attain the exact level of precission I was known for and was unable to hit a barn door with barn door seeking bullets. So back on form then (i have no idea why I was in this clan to begin with except to make the likes of Skope and cola look good)!

    Anyhow, are any of the old folk still around? Calling out to Skope, Cola, Inph, Hugo, Old bastard, OOK, HF, Hobbes and of course, Lister, the almost mythical father figure we all worshipped. what are we all up to? I speak to GAS-O a lot and wave at inph on MSN occasionally but as for the rest of ya... no idea.

    We should really get together online for a good old blast just like old times! I am quite happy to lead a team to almost certain defeat against another team of old fellas. I remember the name VETS referencingthe fact that we wheer all quite old. Imagine us now! Old Bastard must be about 70!

    Anyhow, speak to you all soon

  2. chrisrichardson Guild Member

    who are you/??? really?!?
  3. Flaming_Moe New Member

    those were the days...
  4. hiya moe , fodder..... its soley, feel free to add me on msn if u have it, me and skope are still about.

    [msn address will be msg to you]
  5. weeeeeeeeeeeeee New Member

    [VETS]Lister - just popped back for a look

    I started this clan way back when - we kinda won everything in site back in the day - just seeing if anyone was still alive - fodder lmao - cant believe you still around?

    Anyone wants to chat you can email me on vets@ebootfair.com
  6. HobbEs Agent Hobo

    Hi all, a blast from the past eh? :)

    Still around playing WoW and DOW2..and an occasional game of CS.
  7. Sangsu New Member

    hahahh Just found this page while surfing around

    good ol times